License conditions and installation:

Site license - ChemDraw Professional; operating systems Win and Mac.

License conditions

  • Install on both office and personal computers
  • Both staff & students

Individual installation

  • Open: and enter your UCT email (
  • You must have user account (note: do not create a new one is you already have an account; otherwise, please register)
  • You'll receive download link and serial number via email
  • Individual installation also requires software activation (more here)

Installation on more computers (e.g., computer lab)

Please contact or Jiří Jirát.

Access via virtual desktop

Thanks to VDI (virtual desktop) technology, you can access remotely to the computers with installed software - more information (Czech only).

IOCB staff have a site license for ChemOffice Professional - more information at: ITS page.
Last modified: 7.3. 2024 11:03