Register at the ground floor desk in NTK. Or save time by filling out the pre-registration form before going to the library.

You will need:

  • Student/staff ID card (UCT Prague or IOCB) which has been activate for at least 24 hours
  • ID card (passport)
  • Sign the Contract - Using the Integrated Library of NTK, UCT Prague and IOCB. It contains your patron category, ID card validity, and overview of services supplied by library
  • You must follow the NTK Conditions of Use.

After registration, you can use:

Check your privileges with the Access & privileges tool.

Free entry

You can enter the library without registering using your valid UCT Prague or IOCB ID card at the entrance turnstile. Without registering, you can study and use materials in the library but will not be able to check items out or reserve study spaces.

Full list of things you can do without registering/as a guest are on the NTK website.

Last modified: 8.4. 2020 17:04