Administration of OBD/ASEP

OBD (Personal Bibliographic Database)
- Is the central system for publication registration for UCT Prague staff and students. It is an OBD web application maintained by DERS, s. r. o.

OBD application
  • The application is used to collect and manage records of publishing and other activities at UCT.
  • Authors register their publications in the application individually. The system contains lists that contribute to the correctness of the data entered: A list of people linked to the UCT personnel system, a journal list (resources), a grant list, and others.
  • To find records, filters are available, and searched records can be exported according to different templates into Word or Excel formats.
  • On the UCT campus, accessible on any computer connected to the Internet (a VPN connection is required when working off campus).
Application entry for users (employees and students) from affiliated faculties and parts of UCT.
Use your UCT login to access - the same as for email.

To report publications to both ASEP and Institutional publication database please use this form.

You can report via email, too. Please provide following information:

  1. PDF of the publication or a link to it (if it is accessible from IOCB IP addresses), in case of conference proceedings, books and chapters we prefer a loan of the original document (if it is not possible, please copy/scan, in addition to the publication, also the title page and page with data about publishing).
  2. Three keywords in English (applies to all types of publications, unless they are mentioned in the publication).
  3. If the publication is in English, it is necessary to provide an English annotation (only for RIV publications).
  4. If the publication is in a language other than English, it is necessary to provide:
    • translation of the title into English (all publications),
    • annotation in the language of the publication (applies only to RIV publications),
    • annotation in English (applies only to RIV publications),
    • translation of the name of the conference, proceeding, book into English (applies only to RIV publications).
  5. RIV branches classification (scientific field) – the list of RIV branches.

The obligation to report the publication has the first author from IOCB, the corresponding author or head of research team.

Please report anything you published as an employee of IOCB (the Institute must be listed in the affiliation of the author); it will be registered in ASEP in accordance with the applicable rules.

Mention RVO:61388963 in the acknowledgments of the publications.

The ASEP database contains bibliographic records of the outcomes of scientific research in the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic since 1993. The obligation to store these records in the database ASEP results from the Academic Council directive № 4/2013.
Selected data from the database ASEP are annually exported to RIV.

RIV (Information Register of Research and Development Results) is a database of the Research, Development and Innovation Council which collects data for the purpose of evaluating the results of purposely and institutionally supported research and development in the Czech Republic. Transfer of the data to the RIV is one of the basic conditions for the provision of institutional resources for research and development.
RIV contains only certain types  of publications that have arisen in the context of addressing specific research plans and projects (grants). Information about projects is available in the database CEP – Central register of research and development projects supported from the state budget.


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