Administration of OBD/ASEP

The system for registering citations for grant processing and reporting to RIV (results of research and development for the Czech Research, Development and Innovation Council) is administered by the Department of Scientific Research and Development.

Please report publications to be registered in ASEP using this form.

You can report via email: Please remember to attach the following:

  1. Full-text in PDF or link to online version (if accessible in the IOCB domain). For conference proceedings, books, or chapters, please lend us the original (if this is impossible, please copy/scan not only the publication itself but also the title page and publisher detail page);
  2. Three English keywords (for all publication types, if not in the publication itself);
  3. If the item is in English, add an English annotation;
  4. If the item is not in English, you must include:
    • Title translated to English (all document types),
    • Annotation in original language (only for RIV publications),
    • Annotation in English (only for RIV publications),
    • Translation of conference proceedings or book to English (only for RIV publications);
  5. Subject classification for the publication – list of subject areas.

Maximum annotation length is 2000 characters.

Reporting duty is bound to: first author from IOCB, corresponding author, or team leader.

Please report everything you have published as an IOCB employee (author affiliation must be IOCB); we will register your publication in ASEP according to current rules.

Please also include the grant "rozvoj výzkumné organizace – RVO:61388963" in your Acknowledgments.

UCT contact

Administration of OBD and RIV methodology

Ing. Pavlína Třešňáková, Ph.D.
965 – Department of Scientific Research and Development, room A314
 220 44 3826

IOCB contact

Mgr. Jana Procházková
 220 183 418

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