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Open Access (OA) is a publishing model that seeks to achieve instant, free and permanent online access to the results of publicly funded science and research.

Open Access info & Situation in Czech Republic.


Rules for Gold Open Access Support at UCT Prague

Financial support for publishing in Open Access is assigned from the budget of Centre for Information Services (CIS). CIS is responsible for the administration. Financial support for publishing is divided among individual faculties according to RIV points. The vice-dean for R&D has the right to make decisions about the allocation of these virtual funds in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Financial support is provided for articles, books, monographs or chapters.
  2. Only peer-reviewed articles are accepted (both full paper or review); for journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus (to avoid predatory journals) only. In case of doubt, please contact our NTK colleague: Mgr. Jakub Szarzec,
  3. First and/or corresponding author affiliation must be UCT Prague.
  4. Share of co-funding is determined by the dean for R&D.
  5. Hybrid journals to which UCT Prague subscribes are not eligible.

How to process 

Co-funding ends at the point all allocated funds are spent.

To apply for support when you submit your publication, send an application to your vice-dean.

Send your application, approved by the vice-dean for R&D, together with the full-text of your publication to: Markéta Zeithamová, , who will process the payment.

Authors must deposit full-texts in the institutional repository.

Application form: download 

OA Discount Overview - By Publisher

Publishing discounts or the possibility of free publishing are included in the license agreements of some publishers.

You can find the overview in the Open Access section of the license agreements and instructions for authors on the CzechELib website.

The most relevant ones for UCT Prague: AAAS (discount for Science Advances journal), ACS (APC discount - consortium member), RSC, De Gruyter (1 token/year), RSC (APC discount - consortium member), Taylor & Francis: (min. 7 tokens for 2022).

Open Access Publishing at the IOCB

Scientists with IOCHB affiliation can publish open access (OA) free of charge from 2023 under the conditions specified in the Director's Decree - more information on intraweb.


  • The corresponding author of the publication is an IOCB employee,
  • corresponding author must use institutional email ( - required for proper identification.

Bellow, you can see a list of all the publishers with whom the IOCB currently has transformation agreements, either on its own or via CzechELib, along with more information.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

Bentham Science

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Springer Nature



UCT Prague - Markéta Zeithamová
 (+420) 220 443 080

IOCB - Library
(+420) 232 002 434
(+420) 232 002 579






8. 12. 2020

  • Director of NTK Svoboda as the main negotiator of transformational contracts - whole message (Czech only).



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