Borrow, Return, Renew

You must be registered to borrow materials from chemTK. Rules are available in the Conditions of Use and explained in detail on the NTK website.

Use the catalog to see if the book can be checked out, to renew an item you've checked out, and to discover other information.

Items typically for in-library use only:

  • Handbooks (encyclopedias, data tables, reference works, dictionaries)
  • Basic study literature (marked with red dots)
  • UCT Prague dissertation and habilitation theses
  • Archival prints of textbooks and conference proceedings published by UCT Prague
  • Current journal issues (unbound; in the Periodicals Reading Room)
  • Books published before 1920
  • Bound journals published before 1950

Items which can usually be checked out (home, dormitory use):

  • Textbooks and books (without red dots)
  • Some bound journals

Rules and options for loan services depend on your client group assignment (e.g., university lecturer, IOCB employee, student). Use our Access & Privileges tool to check your privileges. If you have questions, please contact us (at right).

Last modified: 8.4. 2020 17:04