Purchase of Books, Journals, or Standards

Proposals for NTK collections

If you wish to propose a purchase for the NTK collections, please follow these instructions.

Proposals for UCT, IOCB, or deparmental/team/personal libraries

IOCB or UCT employees can purchase books or journals from their grant or departmental budgets. You can also propose purchases for the central library collection.


If looking for scholarly article, we recommend using interlibrary loan services.

Books and other document types

Please send your proposal to nakupknih@vscht.cz. When purchasing for a departmental library, include your fund code.

All books must be cataloged (rector's decree); if you need to bypass this procedure (e.g., gifts or prizes), please contact us.


If looking for a scholarly article, we recommend to using interlibrary loan services.

Books and other document types

Both print and electronic publications must be ordered via the Albina institutional system. After logging in, select Orders > An order via the library.

All books must be cataloged and registered. IOCB employees can propose purchasing documents for the IOCB library collection by phone or email (below). If you are interested in a private purchase, we can provide privileged purchasing conditions.


 232 002 415

 232 002 573

 232 002 579

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