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Rules for Gold Path Open Access Publications at UCT Prague

Approved by the Library Board, 19.11.2013

  1. Only peer-reviewed articles (both full papers and reviews), no books, monographs, etc.
  2. Expenses covered: 100 %
  3. Journal indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus (reason: quality control, protecting authors against "predators")
  4. Hybrid journals are not supported
  5. First and/or corresponding author must be from UCT Prague (affiliation in article)

The Gold OA fund is limited, "first-come, first-served" rules applies. Authors must send full-text for archiving in our repository.

Please send your application when submitting a manuscript.

Send both you application and final full-text to: Simona Pourová,

RSC Gold for Gold

You can use vouchers for Royal Society of Chemistry journals and opening articles to the Open Access regime.

More information: Jiří Jirát,



Ing. Jiří Jirát, Ph.D.

 +420 220 444 393

Simona Pourová

 +420 220 443 080


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