About Your User Account

After you register, you will be able to use your user account for many purposes (see top right).

To log in, select My Account and enter your username and password. Your name will be displayed, and you can then access account items.

On the main account page, you will find your personal data and a summary of account options.

Payment system

The payment system allows you to manage funds for printing, reserving study rooms, or paying any possible late fees.

You can credit your account to a maximum of 3500CZK. You may need to keep a minimum balance of 25CZK to use some services (e.g., scanning using the print/scan/copy machines).

Payment options

Add money to your account:

Account number: 3932292/0800

Constant symbol: 308

Variable symbol: 2222

Specific symbol: Customer ID (if you don't know this, ask us at a service desk)

Reservation system

The reservation system allows you to reserve rooms for studying or teaching.

The interface is currently only in Czech, so we recommend you ask for assistance at a service desk.

More info

Printing system

Use the printing system to manage your print/scan/copy activities.

You'll find more information about how to print, scan or copy in this technical guide.

Last modified: 14.3. 2014 16:03