Access & Privileges

Before registering, you can use the Access & Privileges Tool to find out what patron category you would belong to and what specific privileges you would have.

Please note we retain the right to revoke access privileges for all user categories; be sure to follow the library rules.

Questions? Please contact us or ask our staff.

Specific groups of users

We have many other patron categories; the following are the most common categories for our English-speaking users.

ChemTK/ICT Community (Students, PhDs, Faculty & Staff)

Registration is free for you.

You can search both NTK and ChemTK materials using our catalog

You can access all NTK and ChemTK eResources at home using the:

Non-Czech Citizens

If you don't have a temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you might have to pay a deposit for some materials and may not be able to:

  • Check out materials for home use
  • Access eResources from home.
  • Reserve individual study carrels or team rooms

However, if you're registered, you can still:

  • Access all eResources in the library from our computers or your own laptop using our WiFi
  • Use print/scan/copy machines
  • Enter the After Hours Study Room when the main library is closed
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